275 g/L VOC Water-White Clear Lacquers with high solids are for the professional applicator that requires a fast drying, colorless topcoat for interior wood.  These tough lacquer products are easy to apply and dry to a hard film of exceptional fullness and clarity.  The rich finishes can be rubbed, polished, and have been tested to insure proper cold-check resistance.


(For Industrial Use Only)


This Water-White Clear Lacquer is recommended for use in high quality furniture and any other interior wood applications where a tough mar-resistant clear lacquer finish is desired.


Drying Times

(note that these times are average-ambient temperature and humidity)

Dust Free ….. 12 minutes

Light Sanding ….. 45 minutes

Recoat ….. 45 minutes

Force Dry ….. May be force dry up to 140° Fahrenheit


Product Code & Description

  • TC-X1001-90 W/W Clear Lacquer – Gloss
  • TC-X1001-60 W/W Clear Lacquer – Semi-Gloss
  • TC-X1001-20 W/W Clear Lacquer – Satin
  • TC-X1001-07 W/W Clear Lacquer – Flat


Companion Product

  • SEAL-1000 W/W Sanding Sealer


Stir all products well before use.

Available in

Gallon, 5 Gallon and 55 Gallon Size

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are available upon request.



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