SUPERCO is a Superior-Quality-Line of Solvent Based Wood Coatings recommended for High-Quality furniture.  Our SUPERCO wood coatings are durable finishing technologies designed to protect interior wood.  Like all of our wood coating products, SUPERCO is made in the USA and contains the finest in premium raw materials.  The Non-Yellowing structure of the coating provides a durable finish with excellent water and household-chemical resistance properties.  SUPERCO is user-friendly formula and is designed to be ready to spray with no thinning necessary.  These coatings are available in Clear and Pigmented versions.

SUPERCO has been formulated to meet environmental regulations and South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD’s) rule for the Wood Coatings Industry.

Product Code & Description

  • SUPERCO-C790 Clear Wood Coating – Gloss
  • SUPERCO-C760 Clear Wood Coating – Semi-Gloss
  • SUPERCO-C720 Clear Wood Coating – Satin
  • SUPERCO-C707 Clear Wood Coating – Flat

Packaged in:

55 gal-Drum

5 gal-Pail

1 gallon

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