TC-W5000 Pigmented White Lacquer is a low-VOC, high-build lacquer topcoat that contains finely disperse titanium dioxide to provide the maximum in hiding and still exhibit excellent flow.  This product is formulated to provide the best appearance obtainable from a quality white lacquer.  Our TC-W5000 Pigmented White Lacquer will exhibit fast drying properties and excellent adhesion over primed wood.


(For Industrial Use Only)


Our TC-W5000 series, is recommended for use in many versatile applications.  They are designed for use on store fixtures, window displays, wood trims, molding and designer furniture.


Drying Times

(note that these times are average-ambient temperature and humidity)

Dust Free ….. 12 minutes

Light Sanding ….. 45 minutes

Recoat ….. 45 minutes

Force Dry ….. May be force-dry up to 140° Fahrenheit


Product Code & Description

TC-W5000-90 Pigmented White Lacquer – Gloss

TC-W5000-60 Pigmented White Lacquer – Semi-Gloss

TC-W5000-20 Pigmented White Lacquer – Satin

TC-W5000-07 Pigmented White Lacquer – Flat


Companion Product

CC-W-I White Primer


Stir all products well before use.

Available in

Gallon, 5 Gallon and 55 Gallon Size

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are available upon request.


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