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Principles of our work

We are a family-owned company. The readiness to fully commit oneself to the company in good times as well as bad is something that applies in equal measure to everyone who works for it.  All our dealings are marked by fairness, moderation and trust.


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Our Products

Bio Specialty Coatings provides High Quality, Low VOC Industrial Wood Coatings. We select the finest in premium raw materials to formulate the most superior quality wood coatings available. We specialize in Low VOC Urethane and Acrylic Water Based Wood Coating Systems. We also carry a variety of Solvent Based Wood Coating Finishing options, including: 275 g/L VOC Clear Conversion Varnish, Water-White Clear, Pre-Catalyzed Clear, Pigmented White & Pigmented Black Lacquers. Our 275 g/L VOC line of Wood Coatings includes a Water-White Clear Sanding Sealer, Vinyl Sealer, White Primer and Black Primer. Besides our wide line of available products, we have the ability to help our customers with custom-made finishes, colors, stains & glazes. Our customers particularly value the friendly service, flexibility and extended product line.  At Bio Specialty Coatings, we pride ourselves on providing the best service available and are honored to offer products that are Made in the U.S.A.

275 g/L VOC Solvent Based Wood Coatings

275 g/L VOC Solvent Based Wood Coatings are formulated to meet the strict quality and performance requirements of the wood-working industry. These wood coatings are for the professional applicator that requires a high quality – fast drying finish for interior wood.

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SuperCo Wood Coatings

A Superior-Quality-Line of Solvent Based Wood Coatings recommended for High-Quality furniture.  Available in clear and pigmented versions.  The Non-Yellowing structure of these coatings provide a durable finish with excellent water and household-chemical resistance properties.   Available in gallons, 5-gal Pails and 55-gal Drums.

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Water-Based Polyurethane Wood Coatings

Biothane Wood Coatings are widely valued as one of the most durable yet easy-to-apply protective wood finishes.  Our Biothane Wood Coatings are water-based and meet SCAQMD regulations.

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Wood Stains

We have a wide range of High and Low Solids, Water Based and Solvent Based Wood Stains.  Available to you in either one or five gallon sizes.

Need a color match?  Contact our office to learn more about color matching options.

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